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Hand and a half Falchion - DA\CL06


This two handed falchion has been researched by the customer trying to recreate a hand and half falchion, a weapon that despite being found depicted in many period paintings had no real world proper examples. Basing it on the closest examples, the Cordoba and Thorpe ones, we tried to be as realistic as possible to what it could have been. The blade has a long clip point and lenticular section.The pommel is partially hollow and is a Oakeshott type J, simple square section crossguard, waisted grip consisting of wooden core covered in linen thread and leather.

The scabbard is a simplified version of those of that period (thanks to James Elmslie for providing the iconography).


Price for a custom sword like this would be around €1500



Weight: 1370 gr.

Ov. Length: 112.5 cm (44"½)

Guard width: 25 cm - 10"

Blade length: 87.5 cm (34"½)

Blade width: 6 cm (2.3") - 4.8 cm at cross. (2")

Grip+pommel length: 25 cm (10")

Point of balance from quillons: 14 cm (5"½)