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Three Rings Rapier and Dagger set - DA\ST20


Despite its simple looks this may be one of the most difficult rapiers I've made. The hilt is closely based on a Wallace collection original; all the banches are hexagonal section, the blade is one of the 8mm stock ones, sporting a triple fuller and three section changes.
The dagger closely follow the same shapes to create this set.

Price for a set like this would be around £970.

The specs:
Weight: 1340 gr.
Ov. Length: 126 cm (50")
Guard width: 27 cm (11")
Blade length: 115 cm (45")
Blade width (ricasso): 2.4 cm (7\8")
Point of balance from quillons: 10 cm (4")

Weight: 530 gr.
Ov. Length: 44 cm (17")
Guard width: 18 cm (7")
Blade length: 28 cm (11")
Blade width (ricasso): 3.3 cm (1"½)